“Trich (trĭk′): hair”

At TrichAnalytics, our priority is improving environmental and occupational health. We aim to achieve this through our commitment to:  

  • Scientific excellence

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Advanced analytical methods

  • Innovative research and development

  • Uncompromising corporate values

  • Dedicated customer service

We are a new company, established in September 2016. However, the research and development that went into the company’s creation has taken place over many years. Dr. Jennie Christensen, CEO & Co-founder, has been researching and refining these analytical techniques for the last five years, most notably on bears, otters, muskrats, beavers, osprey, fish, daphnia, and most recently on humans. Industry, government, environmental consultants and academia are becoming more and more enthusiastic about the applicability and efficiency of using these techniques for monitoring wildlife as well as environmental and occupational health.

The demand for this kind of analysis continues to grow and TrichAnalytics is the only commercial laboratory in North America, if not the world, using laser ablation for biological tissues. Although it is a relatively new technological application, the opportunities for growth are endless. We are vigilant in our on-going research and are determined to reach our ultimate goal of restoring our planet back to health.

At TrichAnalytics Inc. our priority is environmental health, quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. On our planet, we are constantly facing very large and complex environmental health issues; our approach to monitoring these issues is from a microscopic scale. Under a microscope, a seemingly invisible world comes to life and can shed vast illumination on metal accumulation in our wildlife living in contaminated environments and show how that can have a significant impact on their health.

While TrichAnalytics Inc. is a relatively new company, the research and development that went into the company’s birth has taken place over many years. Industry, government, consultants and academia began to realize the applicability and efficacy of using our techniques for monitoring wildlife and environmental health. The demand for this analysis grew and TrichAnalytics Inc., the only commercial laboratory in Canada to use laser ablation for biological tissues, was born. It is a relatively new technological field, and the opportunities for growth and application are endless. That is why we are vigilant in on-going research. Whether ablating new tissues, species, or developing new methods, we will always be learning and improving. Just like the hair we analyze, TrichAnalytics Inc. will continue to grow.