Non-invasive hair monitoring program for at-risk workers to prevent elevated heavy metal exposures in the workplace. A healthy work environment has become a top priority in the resource industry, because the relationship between a healthy worker and a prosperous company is well-understood.

Controlling metal exposure in industry workers is fraught with challenges, as most exposures are related to personal grooming (e.g., nail biting) and habits associated with the use of personal protective equipment, yet the company is still responsible for maintaining worker health. 

Monitoring worker exposure through preventative means is equally challenging. It is our understanding that most industries with at-risk workers undertake annual blood sampling. This approach is costly, has a slow turnaround time for results, is invasive and painful, and can only provide one concentration per worker per year; therefore, “prevention” is difficult, if not impossible, and the overall value of the monitoring program is low. 

TrichAnalytics Inc. offers a new service that overcomes the challenges experienced currently for industries that employ at-risk workers (e.g., mining, welding, smelting). Our monitoring program, called TrichHealthTM,: 

  • Will lower your annual costs for monitoring worker exposure by up to 25%;

  • Is completely non-invasive;

  • Can be implemented multiple times (e.g., monthly, quarterly) per employee per year;

  • Provides trends in metal exposure in your workplace and in individual workers (increases chance of preventing threshold exceedances); and

  • Assesses as many metals of concern you want for the same price as one metal.

How does it work?

TrichAnalytics has developed a novel, non-invasive analysis using single hairs from individuals to monitor elemental composition and exposure to heavy metals. Hair is comprised of sulfur, which readily binds to elements and metals circulating in blood at the time of hair growth. Therefore, the hair is able to record over time concentrations of metals and any changes occurring to those concentrations. No other commercial lab in the world conducts this type of analysis.

Interested in participating in a pilot program?

This analysis and web-based reporting for industry is available today. TrichAnalytics Inc. is looking for industry partners to help with the optimization of the end-product, TrichHealthTM. We follow the ethical guidelines for human research (http://www.pre.ethics.gc.ca/archives/tcps-eptc/docs/TCPS%20October%202005_E.pdf).