Hair Screening Tool for Metal Exposure in the Work Place

TrichAnalytics Inc. (TrichAnalytics) specializes in a unique type of hair analysis for metal exposure. We require only a single hair per individual, which is easily and painlessly plucked from the scalp. Our advanced micro-laser technology analyzes a very tiny portion of the hair strand (<0.05 mm) below the scalp to reflect recent exposure and avoids complications associated with external contamination of lead that artificially elevates concentrations in the exposed portions of the hair strand. As collection and analysis of this single hair is so quick and requires very little sample preparation and preservation, analytical results can be provided within a short turn-around time (< 1 week) and costs are inexpensive. The results provided are corrected to an estimated Blood Lead Levels (µg/dL) that can be directly compared to company-specific lead management thresholds. No other commercial lab in the world currently conducts this type of analysis.

We also analyze exposure to other elements on a site-specific basis, such as Mercury, Zinc, and Copper. Contact us today to find out how a single hair can help improve health and safety the workplace.

The hair screening tool for metals should not be used as a diagnostic tool.