Dr. Jennie Christensen, PhD, RPBio

is the CEO and Founder of TrichAnalytics Inc., listed as Douglas Magazine’s Top 10 Businesses to Watch in Victoria, BC for 2017. She has twelve years of environmental consulting experience, mainly related to wildlife biomonitoring and toxicology. Understanding metal uptake by wildlife is one of Jennie’s professional passions, and this is reflected in her commitment to these types of projects over the last decade. She has conducted contaminant and metal uptake projects on bears, otters, small mammals, fish, amphibians, and osprey. In 2013, she won Best Paper Award in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry for her non-invasive approach to monitoring contaminant uptake and fate in grizzly bears.She has participated or led a number of water quality assessments (data analysis, qualitative risk assessment, derivation of site-specific water quality objectives), and environmental effects monitoring for mines. Jennie managed a post-doctorate student who undertook three research and development projects related to mercury and heavy metal exposure in wildlife and non-invasive method development for biomonitoring metals in mammals and birds. She earned her Ph.D. at UVic in the transfer of contaminants in marine and terrestrial food webs to grizzly bears. Jennie’s M.Sc. from UBC evolved from the alarming accounts of amphibian population declines worldwide. Jennie developed a novel toxicity test, Amphibian Sperm Inhibition Toxicity Test, which examined the effects of heavy metals in the water on frog sperm motility.