"I want to know if my vegan diet is providing me with enough zinc and iron"
"I am concerned that my family and I have been exposed to lead from the pipes in our old house."
"I am getting chelation therapy for past mercury exposure and I want to do a before/after hair analysis to see how much I have improved"
"I want to know if I am taking enough supplements or too many supplements. My husband always says I’m flushing my money down the toilet"
"I want to see if I am efficiently absorbing the calcium from my new supplements"
"I just had all my mercury fillings removed, and I feel awful. I wonder if I got exposed to mercury through their removal"



Nutritional elements are those required for important process in the body, including growth, development, immunity, and overall well-being. According to Health Canada average Canadians are deficient in a number of elements, including zinc, calcium and magnesium.

48% to 87% of women do not obtain enough calcium
Up to 34% of adults do not get enough zinc or magnesium

Balancing your essential elements can be challenging for anyone, but particularly for the elderly or people who have:

  • Food allergies (e.g., dairy, nuts, different fruits, seafood)

  • Vegan, vegetarian diets

  • Celiac disease or digestive problems

  • Hectic work and/or family schedules

  • Elevated stress

    Typically, if a person is concerned about nutrient deficiencies, their doctor may request a blood test. Unfortunately, blood tests cannot always accurately indicate a deficiency, because your body is trying to maintain balance in the blood. For example, if you are calcium deficient, your bones will release more calcium into the blood to fulfil that requirement – blood work would come back normal.

    Revealing those deficiencies is as easy as a single hair

    Hair has become a tissue used for measuring nutrient levels, such as zinc, calcium and magnesium. As the hair grows, the blood flows through the root and elements in the blood will bind readily to the sulfur. As the hair continues to grow the changes in the elements are recorded like a ‘ticker tape’.

    TrichAnalytics can reveal those changes using advanced laser technology at our specialized laboratory. Unlike other hair mineral analyses that require a 3cm long clump of hair cut from your scalp, we only require a single hair. We provide you with your personalized results for each element (click for sample) and compare your concentrations to those of healthy individuals. Being too high or too low in these nutritional elements can indicate an imbalance, where supplementation or changes in diet may be required.




    Our world is becoming increasingly contaminated – our air, water, and food. These toxic metals can enter our bodies, and may create health problems, or affect our children’s growth and development, and yet, doctors rarely monitor metal exposure.

    You may think you are only at risk to heavy metal exposure if you work in a high-risk environment, such as mining, welding, or smelting. Those people may have an increased risk of acute exposure (e.g., one time, high concentration), but we are all at potential risk for long-term, chronic exposure (low concentrations over time). If we are unable to eliminate these metals from our body, they can accumulate in our bones, organs, and even, our brain.

    Put your concerns to rest by ordering hair mineral analysis. Hair is an accurate and non-invasive means to monitor metal exposure. Our research on wildlife and human hair clearly shows how hair can tell you what has been going on in your body (click for publications). In some cases, hair can provide a forensic-type characterization of metal exposure over an extended period of time. For some elements, we can pinpoint the day you were exposed (if it was an accidental exposure) or how a certain dietary change (e.g., becoming vegetarian) can influence your metal levels.

    The report you receive will include your concentrations of those toxic metals, revealing your most recent exposures (link to report again). The concentrations found in your hair should fall within a healthy range and below known toxic thresholds. Being too high can indicate that significant exposure has occurred and your health practitioner should be informed to help determine the best course of action to confirm, diagnose, and treat.



    1. We only require a single strand, unlike other labs that require a haircut-sized amount of hair for analysis, .

    2. Very short wait times for results (usually <1 week upon arrival); other labs can take 6 to 12 weeks.

    3. The only lab providing “recent” health info (days), while other labs provide a 2 to 3 month average.

    4. We provide one of the most extensive analyses of elements and metals.

    5. Our unique approach with lasers provides more accurate characterization of your body chemistry than other labs are able to provide using their methods for hair analysis.

    6. Our team is constantly improving methods and our understanding of elements in hair through our extensive and collaborative Research and Development program.




    What is Hair mineral analysis?

    Hair has been previously used to monitor nutritional balancing and exposure to heavy metals, and is less invasive than blood testing. As hair grows, elements in the blood bind to the growing hair. As a result, a strand of hair contains information on exposure to different chemical elements and metals along its length.
    Participants will receive their individual hair mineral analysis results to share with their physician or health care practitioner (e.g., doctor, nutritionist, naturopath).

    What will happen if I agree to Hair mineral analysis?

    If you agree to submit a hair sample, you will need to complete the questionnaire and consent form, and provide a hair sample. Following hair analysis, TrichAnalytics Inc. will provide you with your confidential results. Any remaining hair sample will be destroyed following analysis.

    How will you protect my privacy?

    All information you provide to TrichAnalytics Inc. on the questionnaire will be treated with respect and kept confidential. It is up to you if you would like to share your results with others, including your physician or health practitioner.
    Sometimes TrichAnalytics Inc. conducts statistical analysis (research) on hair results to improve methods and interpretation of results. This research may be published in a scientific journal; however, individual names or identifiers will not be included. Your identity will remain confidential in all publications and public presentations related to this analysis. If you would prefer your data not be used in any future statistical research, please do not check the appropriate box on the order form.

    What are the benefits of hair mineral analysis?

    You will be provided with your individual results that you should share with your physician and/or health practitioner. Your results can provide information on potential nutritional deficiencies in your diet (e.g., zinc, iron), and exposure to heavy metals (e.g., mercury, aluminum) that can have negative impacts on your health.

    How much does an hair analysis cost?

    TrichAnalytics offers competitive pricing. A hair sample costs $150, but if you order a family/group of five samples (do not need to be related individuals) the cost is $500 (equivalent to $100 each).

    Is there any chance of harm or risks to me if I participate?

    There are no expected risks to completing hair mineral analysis, although there may be some discomfort felt from pulling out your hair strands. The main risk of providing a sample is the low possibility of inadvertent release of personal health information. TrichAnalytics has taken measures to protect the privacy of your information and this risk is considered extremely small.

    What happens if my results suggest I have abnormal levels of one or more elements?

    If it is determined that you are potentially deficient in an essential element or have elevated heavy metals compared with reference values, TrichAnalytics Inc. will highlight these results when they are provided to you. We suggest that you share the results with your physician or health practitioner to verify hair mineral analysis, and discuss options for improved health. TrichAnalytics Inc. does not interpret the hair mineral analysis results beyond providing your results in context with our reference values.


    Hair analysis is for informational purposes only and not for diagnosis.