Getting to the "Root" of Environmental and Human Health

Throughout our entire planet, the environment is facing vast and complex adversities, in particular those directly affecting the environment, wildlife and humans alike.

TrichAnalytics faces these challenges on a microscopic scale. Our focus is on the analysis of biological tissues, notably hair where elements bind readily to both the root and the shaft. With the use of laser ablation, hundreds of concentrations can be detected and analyzed in order to determine the “metal” health of that animal or individual.

What can be unveiled to us at such diminutive levels reveals not only the elements of each organism, but also unravels the details of its life story. Under a microscope, a seemingly invisible world comes to life and can shed vast illumination on metal accumulation in our wildlife living in contaminated environments as well as workers in at-risk jobs. 

Our vision at TrichAnalytics is to lead a global movement towards the regulation of preventative and non-invasive methods of micro-analysis that find long-term solutions to environmental and occupational health challenges.


Our 3 Areas of Expertise

Environmental Services -
Non-invasive analysis from bugs to fish to bears


Human Health -
Single hair screening - no more needles


Trich (trĭk′): Hair -
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