Conventional analysis that requires > 2 tablespoons of hair to provide one concentration cannot obtain the temporal precision necessary to assess changes along the length of the hair. Our laser analysis does just that.  By scanning the hair's length with a laser beam we can reveal those temporal changes in elements and metals in time increments of hours, days, or weeks.Why does this matter? The hair can reveal:

  • seasonal changes in metal exposure in wildlife, such as grizzly bears, as they shift their diet in the fall from vegetation to salmon;

  • how industry-related air quality affects metal exposure in terrestrial wildlife species using habitat adjacent to development (e.g., caribou);

  • how changes in water quality and aquatic food webs are transferred to aquatic furbearers, such as muskrats, beaver and mink; and,

  • how global climate change is impacting the nutritional health of polar bears.

Hair is a treasure chest of information on health and diet that can only be truly revealed through laser analysis. TrichAnalytics Inc. requires only a single hair to obtain precise elemental and metal concentrations over time, which reflects the changes occurring in the diet and habitat of wildlife species. Hair analysis can replace the need for invasive tissue sampling of wildlife. Hair can be obtained non-lethally, non-invasively, and more safely and yet will provide much more information than what a tissue sample could provide.